Understanding Michigan Contractors Insurance

When you own and operate a contracting business, you spend your days building for others. Every detail must be perfectly planned so that every piece falls into place. Part of having a perfectly planned business is being properly insured. If an accident happens, do you have the Michigan contractors insurance coverage your company needs?

What is Michigan contractors insurance?

There are many parts of a General Liability Insurance plan that is specific to contractors.

These include:
Completed Operations Coverage – which protects your business from personal injury or property damage after your contracting work is complete.

Inland Marine Coverage for Mobile Equipment- This coverage protects any of the tools that travel with you as you complete contracting jobs.

Inland Marine Coverage for Installation Floaters- Protection for any materials that you own, that are on their way to be installed or waiting to be installed at a job site.

Inland Marine Coverage for Computer Property- Protection for any computer equipment, peripherals, cables, or software.

Besides these contractor specific coverage elements, contractor liability insurance will also cover:

Comprehensive General Liability- Which will protect your businesses finances in the event of a lawsuit

Property Damage Coverage- To cover any damage to property you are responsible for

Bodily Injury Coverage- To help you cover potential employee job site injury

Who needs MI contractor liability insurance?
Any company that employs contractors should ensure that they have adequate liability insurance for contractors. You have worked tirelessly to make your business what it is today, don’t risk losing it all due to a lawsuit from one unfortunate job site mistake. Talk to an insurance professional today to discuss what all your individual company needs to be protected.

Why should you purchase contractors liability insurance from our agency?
Because we are an independently owned and operated insurance company, we do not directly represent one particular insurance company. Instead, we are able to negotiate your contractors insurance with several top rated insurance providers. One thing you will find when shopping for insurance is that contractors insurance quotes can differ dramatically between companies, and finding the insurance that fits both the needs of your business and your budget can be time consuming.

Instead of spending your valuable hours on the phone explaining your needs yet again, let us do that for you. We will handle the negotiations for you, allowing you to focus your energy on running your business. When you are ready to receive your contractors insurance quotes, give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call.

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