Why you need renter’s insurance in Michigan

While many people are aware of the need for home insurance, fewer people are aware that a Michigan renter’s insurance policy can be just as important. Contrary to popular belief, landlords are not be legally responsible for all expenses related to the property. MI Renters insurance coverage can protect you from these expenses and liabilities. Here are some especially important reasons why you need renters insurance coverage:

Damages And Theft:

Landlords are rarely, if ever responsible for damage that is caused by your own actions. This includes accidents. Luckily, rental insurance will cover the damage. If your apartment is burglarized, your landlord is generally not responsible for covering the losses. However, renters insurance will compensate you.

In addition, landlords are not usually legally responsible for damages that are caused by natural disasters or damage caused by a sewer backup. However, these kinds of damage are covered by apartment renters insurance. Certain types of fires may also not be covered by your landlord, but they will be covered by an insurance plan.


In many cases, you could be responsible for lawsuits resulting from an injury that occurs at your apartment. This can lead to massive, unexpected expenses. Medical expenses alone caused by an injury at your apartment could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, these sorts of injuries are surprisingly common, and there are many ways that such an accident could occur. Some examples of common accidents include bites from a pet and falls. If your apartment is insured, these losses are likely to be covered. Our renters liability insurance covers a wide range of injuries that could a guest could suffer at your apartment. The renters liability insurance that we provide will not only cover any damages to your apartment caused by an accident, but it will also cover any medical bills that are caused by an injury.

“Loss of Use”:

If your apartment is damaged beyond repair, it can be difficult to find a new place to live. Landlords won’t be able to cover losses if you are unable to continue residing in your apartment. However, apartment renters insurance can ensure that you are compensated if your apartment is damaged beyond repair. This will ensure that you are able to quickly find a new place to live.

Do Some Landlords Require Tenants To Carry Renters Insurance?

Many landlords actually require that their tenants insure their apartments. Therefore, purchasing rental insurance can give you more options when you’re looking for apartments. It is particularly common for landlords to require tenants to have apartment rental insurance at expensive, high quality apartment complexes.

Where Can I Find The Best Renters Insurance in Michigan?

The cost of renters insurance varies considerably between companies, but you can get cheap renters insurance by getting quotes through us. It is important to compare renters insurance between a variety of companies, and we make it easy to do that. We are an independent and impartial agency, and searching for plans through us makes it possible to lower the cost of renters insurance that you pay by a large margin. Unlike some cheap renters insurance plans out there, you can find some of the best renters insurance plans on the market through this agency. We represent some of the most highly rated insurance companies on the market. It is easy to get MI renters insurance quotes from us online, and you can also compare renters insurance by getting renters insurance quotes from us over the phone.

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