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Do I need commercial trucking insurance?

The DMV defines the requirement for having insurance for commercial truckers by stating that “you need commercial auto insurance if you use your own vehicle for work or own vehicles operated by a business.”

A small percentage of commercial auto insurance policies are drafted for employees who frequently drive sedans, compact cars, or sport vehicles for longer distances. These include occupations such as travelling salesmen, or repairmen for example, but most policies are designed and intended for truck drivers who operate big rigs and tractor trailer type vehicles.

If you are a big rig driver or a truck operating company beginning your search for Michigan commercial truck insurance, know that it is very similar to an auto insurance policy that you might purchase for your own personal vehicle(s). Many of the offered cover packages are actually the same, except that with policies providing insurance for commercial trucking there are often higher limits applied to the policy.

What types of things should I seek coverage for?

There are many other add-ons that you can utilize to supplement your basic commercial truck insurance coverage, as well. These add-ons are specifically tailored for commercial driving, including coverage for the following:

Your employees. This add-on includes fellow employee coverage, along with a variety of broader policies which may be implemented which serve to protect additional employees or people for whom your business is working for.
Your business. This add-on delivers you protection for your assents in the grim occurrence of a lawsuit.
Your equipment, specifically during the loading or unloading process of various goods and products.
You may also want to consider add-ons such as uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, PIP and medical coverage, and roadside assistance in the event that you are stranded or broken down at the side of the road.
If you don’t own your commercial vehicle(s), your employer may require you to also carry comprehensive and collision coverage also. Again, this same coverage is offered for a typical personal auto policy as well, and is used to cover your costs in the event that you are either in an accident or collision which you are at fault for or the victim of a non-collision event such as weather, fire, or hitting a deer or other animal which causes sustainable damages to your vehicle.

How can I get commercial truck insurance in Michigan?

Purchasing insurance for commercial trucking is often a good idea in securing your assets and providing you with all of the accelerated coverage that you may need in the wake of a tragedy. It’s not much more complicated than purchasing automobile insurance for your car, or motorcycle, if even at all.

The first step you’ll want to take in securing your commercial trucking insurance is to decide whether you want to operate through a broker, an agent, or alone. Brokers may charge a fee but will sweep several different insurance companies to attain a policy best matched to you, while agents operate for one specific insurance company.

We will work with you in attaining the best-suited commercial trucking insurance policy available to you, and at no cost. Finding insurance for commercial truckers should be a quick and painless process.

Tips to find the cheapest Michigan commercial trucking insurance

Trucking insurance carriers offer a variety of discounts. These discounts can save you a substantial sum of money over time. Our team will take the time to uncover all of the discounts that you and your business qualify for.

Consider the following:

If your business has been claim free in the last 3 years you may qualify for an additional discount
If you have had continuous insurance many insurance companies will reward you with cheaper premiums
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