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Renters Insurance in Michigan

Searching for affordable renters insurance in Michigan? Don’t worry, Lifetime Insurance Services has you covered. We are the local, Michigan renters insurance experts! Our independent insurance agency represents multiple insurance companies and we’ll impartially shop the competition to find you the lowest rate. You will be happy to know that renters insurance is quite inexpensive and we can set up your policy in just a few minutes.

How does a Michigan renters insurance policy protect me?

Michigan renters insurance policies are similar to a home insurance policy except that they are designed for people who rent rather than own. With a home insurance policy you are protecting your home and all of your belongings. Whereas, a renters insurance policy is designed mainly to provide coverage for your personal property as well as providing liability protection. “Michigan renters insurance policies are extremely affordable. Policies generally range from $10-20/month.”

Aren’t I covered by my landlord’s insurance policy?

Absolutely not! This is a common misconception and it can be a costly one. A landlords insurance policy protects the landlords property not yours. The landlords policy covers the physical structure of the rental property. Michigan renters insurance policies provide peace of mind that your property is protected. Don’t make the mistake of thinking bad things can’t happen to you.

How can I get a quote?

Thanks for asking! We offer 2 easy ways to compare rates. You can start your quote right here on our website or you can call us live to chat with a licensed representative. Regardless of the option you choose we are here to help guide you through the process. We will just need some basic information to begin shopping the competition. Because we represent so many companies there is a high probability that we will be able to save you money.

Ready to start saving? Give us a call today or begin your quote online now!

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