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It often feels like Ann Arbor Home insurance prices just keep going up. If your rates have recently increased you are not alone. Unfortunately, Ann Arbor home owners have been dealing with inflated rates for quite awhile. In these challenging economic times we can all benefit from a helping hand. That is why Lifetime Insurance Services is here to help. Whether you are looking for auto, home, life, or even health insurance there are some steps that you can follow to reduce the cost of these products.

Ann Arbor Home Insurance – Compare & Save
Rule Number One: All Ann Arbor Home insurance agencies are not created equal
If you think you are stuck paying high prices you are flat wrong. As with any product or service if you want to find the best price you have to shop around and compare rates. Ann Arbor Home insurance providers are in the business of estimating risk. Their goal is to make sure they take in more money than they pay out. As a result each carrier has their own unique proprietary formula that they use. This results in significant price differences from one company to the next. It is not unusual for Ann Arbor Home insurance rates to vary by hundreds of dollars per year from one company to the next.

Rule Number Two: Save Yourself The Time of Calling All Over Town
Often Ann Arbor homeowners avoid shopping around for lower insurance rates because they think comparing rates will be a hassle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You just have to know the best way to go about completing this task. When most people commence shopping they either pick up the phone or go straight to the web. You can spend hours or even days comparing rates on multiple internet sites or talking with several insurance company representatives on the phone. If you elect to shop this way believe me you will soon experience frustration. Good news…there is a better way. The best way to find an inexpensive Ann Arbor Home insurance policy is to call a local independent insurance agency like ours.

Rule Number Three: Call an independent insurance agency
There are only a couple of types of insurance agencies. An agency is either captive or independent.
A captive agency simply represents one insurance carrier. This severely restricts a captive agencies ability to uncover the lowest rate. An independent insurance agency, on the other hand, works with multiple insurance companies. This gives them the capability to impartially shop the competition to find you the most affordable Ann Arbor Home insurance rate offered.

Save yourself the trouble of calling all over town and simply give our independent Ann Arbor home insurance agency a ring. Your wallet will thank you!

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