Get to know me better...

My name is David W. Lage and I’m the owner of Lifetime Insurance Services. As a child I lived in Chesterfield, Michigan and also Port Austin which is located at the tip of the thumb. I graduated in the top 10% of my class and earned a 4 year academic scholarship to Baker College where I studied Business Management.

Prior to joining Lifetime Insurance Services I worked for a successful State Farm Agency in Macomb, MI. Our agency was consistently ranked in the top 10% nationwide. After 3.5 years with State Farm I was offered the opportunity to join Lifetime Insurance Services. I jumped at the opportunity because I saw it as a way to better service my clients. At Lifetime Insurance Services we represent multiple insurance companies rather than just one. This allows me to impartially shop the competition to find my clients the lowest rate.

I currently reside in Shelby Township, Michigan with my 2 beautiful daughters, and a lovable Husky!

Favorit Quote:

“You will not truly experience happiness until you have experienced sorrow. You will not appreciate success until you have experienced failure.”


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