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Understanding Car Insurance

The importance of choosing the right car insurance

With some forms of insurance, it’s quite easy to figure out how much coverage you should buy. If you are a middle-class homeowner, for instance, there are few circumstances in which you shouldn’t buy full homeowners coverage. Likewise, sole breadwinners with dependents should always have sufficient life insurance. Unfortunately, when it comes to car insurance, knowing how much coverage to get and whether you need certain kinds of coverage at all is considerably trickier.

Unlike with some other types of insurance, cheap car insurance can often be the way to go. But this is not true for everyone. Those whose livelihoods are completely dependent on their cars and who do not have the mechanical skill to reliably keep an older car on the road should probably buy new or only slightly used vehicles for the sake of reliability and practicality. Because new cars typically represent a significant portion of most people’s net worth and cost enough to replace that most simply could not afford to do so, those driving new or slightly used cars should almost always get the best car insurance that they can afford. And this typically means full collision insurance.

However, for those who have the skills to keep older cars on the road, who have the resources to afford a backup vehicle or who could go without having a car for extended periods, going with a much more basic policy may be the right choice so long as it meets their state’s minimum insurance requirements. But even here, careful attention should be paid to liability limits. For those with significant assets who see no need for full collision coverage, getting the right amount of liability coverage to protect against potential lawsuits is critical. And this is true even in no-fault states.

How should you go about getting car insurance quotes?

First and foremost, you need to carefully look at your own unique situation in order to determine the exact kind and amount of coverage that you will need. Our agency specializes in helping people from all walks of life use insurance as a part of a coherent and comprehensive financial strategy.

Once our clients’ insurance requirements have been established, we work with the top car insurance companies and compare car insurance quotes to get the best possible rates for our customers.

Shouldn’t you just get the minimum insurance coverage required by your state’s law?

We wish it was that cut and dry. The fact is that the type and coverage level of the insurance you buy is totally dependent on a number of key factors, some of which have already been mentioned but others, such as risk tolerance, location and lifestyle, have not. Our expert insurance agents have decades of experience and can help you decide what kind of coverage to get and how much you need as well as helping you get the best deals from car insurance online or on a walk-in basis. Contact us today by phone or through our online form. Alternatively, feel free to come in and see us in person. We’ll help ensure you, your assets and your family stay protected on the road.


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