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Understanding Boat Insurance

It’s been said that the sea is a cruel mistress, and most boaters know this better than anyone. Whether you’re a landlubber who just goes out on the lake a few days each summer, or you’re a true captain who spends most of the year on the water, it’s important to have boat insurance that is affordable, comprehensive and responsive to your needs.

The best boat insurance packages offer boat owners complete piece of mind, but because boating insurance is typically not necessary to pilot a boat there are many different types of protection available. The most common are property coverage and repair cost, but many other types of coverage exist: boat owners can purchase policies that cover medical payments for passengers, emergency services required after an accident, additional boat equipment like trailers, and even personal effects stored on the boat. After all, some fishing poles can actually cost as much as cars! Cheap boat insurance packages likely account for fewer exigencies, but not all boat owners need the same things covered.

When looking for a boat insurance quote, most boat insurance companies will take a host of factors into account before they determine the cost of the coverage. What are some of these factors that will affect your boat insurance cost? Companies may look at the area that you live in, the type of boat you have, which classes you’ve taken or certifications you have, and where you store your boat in the offseason. They also might look at your motor vehicle record, or what type of safety systems have been installed on the boat. This is one reason why it can be difficult to know how much insurance will cost — there are just so many things to take into account!

When purchasing boat insurance online, it’s always best to request a quote from a trained insurance agent. Our agents are ‘seaworthy’ in every way, and they’re ready to help you find exactly the type of coverage that you need for your ocean (or lake, or river) adventure. You can request a boat insurance quote online by visiting our website, or you can call us directly to set up a meeting.

Whether you’ve got a huge yacht or a little sailboat, it’s important to have the right type of insurance for your boat or personal watercraft. Contact us today to find the perfect policy — then cast off!


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