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Understanding Car Insurance in Michigan

Are you paying too much for your Michigan car insurance policy? Most people I encounter answer this question with a resounding yes!  Nobody likes to overpay for any product or service.  And even considering this fact, many people neglect to take a few minutes each year to compare car insurance rates in Michigan.  Most consumers wait until they have a bad experience with an insurance company before they start looking around.  Auto insurance rates are changing all the time and assuming that you are currently paying the lowest rate can be a costly mistake.  If you take the time to compare rates you will likely find that you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.

Michigan Car Insurance Myths

Myth 1: Comparing car insurance rates is a hassle

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I will concede that comparing rates from multiple companies used to be a hassle in the past, but things have changed.  Now thanks to technology things have changed drastically.  It is now possible to compare quotes online in just minutes from multiple Michigan car insurance companies.

Myth 2:  I’m already getting the best rate

Maybe.  Maybe not.  If you haven’t compared car insurance rates in Michigan recently, chances are you are paying too much.  Each insurance company has their own proprietary formula that they use to calculate rates and as a result prices can vary significantly from one company to the next.  It is without a doubt worth five minutes of your time to double check how your Michigan car insurance rate compares.

Myth 3: I don’t have time to compare insurance rates

False.  You can now compare quotes for Michigan car insurance online in minutes.  There is no better time than the present to compare rates.  Prices are constantly changing and the company with the lowest rate today could have the highest rate in a year.  That is why it pays to shop around.  Isn’t uncovering a huge savings opportunity worth 5 minutes of your time?

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  • Your service is prompt, there are no surprises and the rates are $130 less than what we were paying.
    John K. October 2017
  • You always get back to me right away even when I don't expect a call until the next day. Everyone is so professional in the office. Thank you for the exceptional customer service.
    Katie October 2017
  • I am surprised and glad that Mr. Mittleman reviews our policies periodically and seeks to offer the best service. Thank you so much.
    Julie October 2017
  • Thus far (knock on wood) I haven't had to make any claims, so I can't speak to that level of service, but the process of signing up was very easy, and I had immediate help via text and cell phone calls for my agent to fax over proof of insurance when purchasing my vehicle. After comparing costs going directly through the car insurance company, and getting it through Lifetime Insurance, they were also able to get me a significantly lower rate.
    Marilyn C October 2017
  • Kat G. is the sole reason for my business. She is wonderful and a gift.
    Jeremy B. October 2017
  • Always has worked hard to get great deals. Recommended to several friends and family.
    Holly G. October 2017
  • Very good service!!! Amanda does a great job!!!
    Craig M. September 2017
  • You found mutiple options and dug down to identify which ones fit our family and asset protection needs. Then you guys followed thru with the selected companies and made our day a lot easier. Finally, you keep in touch and let us know when things with our policies may not be laying flat and then gather the info so its easy (at least as can be) to resolve any issues. I really feel like you are on our side as we navigate through our changing circumstances.
    Melvin C. September 2017
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