“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Insurance Specialist - New Agent Training


Your training for today is below.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  We are here to help.

Recap of Week 1

At this point you are well into our training program and nearing the conclusion.  What are your thoughts so far?

Any questions or concerns? Are there any areas that you feel you need additional training on? Is there anything we have overlooked?

Schedule Your Property & Casualty Exam

We expect all new hires to obtain their property & casualty license within 45 days.  You should be studying every day to prepare.  At this point we would like you to schedule your exam.  If you have any questions about how to do this please ask.

Review Common Questions & Objections

As you speak with prospects and clients you will find that many people have the same questions and sales objections.  We have compiled a list of these common items for your reference.

Take some time to read through the following document to see how we answer these questions.  Feel free to tweak your answers as you see fit.

We will quiz you on these items in a few days to make sure that you are ready to answer them on the fly.


    Work On Your Elevator Pitch

    Take some time to craft your elevator pitch.  If you are not familiar with an elevator pitch it is simply a quick sales pitch that explains what you do for a living.  Your elevator pitch should be 15-30 seconds long and should get right to the point.

    Imagine yourself in an elevator with another individual.  While between floors you strike up a conversation with the person next to you.  At this point you only have a few moments to explain what you do before you reach your floor.

    After you have our elevator pitch complete we will have you stand up an deliver it to us.

    Internet Lead Training

    We have found internet leads to be a great way to fill our sales pipeline and generate new business.  The key to success with internet leads is understanding how to work them.  Yesterday you learned about the contact (call/email) schedule that we use in the office to maximize our contact and closing potential. You will apply that same call schedule to internet leads.

    Here is what we will review...

    -What is an internet lead?

    -Review a sample internet lead

    -Discuss the importance of speed to contact & follow-up

    -How to verify the prospect information (in Ezlynx or on paper)

    -Review our filters and how to credit a lead

    -Login to quotewizard.com to get comfortable with their system

    Internet Lead Role Play

    Now that we have reviewed internet leads we will now take some time to role play an internet lead sales scenario.

    Introduction To LinkedIn

    LinkedIn can be a great business tool if you know how to use it.  Take a few minutes know to update and complete your online profile.  If you don't have a LinkedIn account you will set it up from scratch now.

    The more complete your profile is, the better.  It is also helpful to get recommendations from former colleagues and friends.  They can post the review directly to your profile.  You can reach out to connections via LinkedIn and give them a link that will allow them to post a recommendation.

    Today we will teach you how joining LinkedIn groups can help you gain connections that can refer you business.

    Once you have set up your profile let us know and we will begin the LinkedIn referral training.

    How Do We Generate Business?

    - Referrals

    - Internet Leads

    - Dave Ramsey (Endorsed Local Provider Program)

    - Google Places for Business (https://plus.google.com/ LifetimeInsuranceServicesShelbyTownship/about?hl=en) Be sure to click follow and leave us a review when you get there...

    - Youtube (check out our Youtube channel at: www.Youtube.com/Lifetimeinsurance)  Be sure to subscribe to our channel and watch a few videos once you get there...

    - Google/Bing/Yahoo searches

    - Facebook/LinkedIn (www.facebook.com/ltinsurance)

    The sources above bring in most of the leads to our agency...

    What methods have you used in the past to generate leads?

    What Type of Business We Want?

    It is important to understand that we are looking for profitable business. Each carrier we have a relationship with grades us by our profitability with them. A couple of measures we take to ensure we are writing profitable business is to review a prospective customers claims history. If a customer has more than 2 claims in the past 5 years on either there home or auto (2 home claims or 2 at-fault accidents on auto insurance) then speak to Nick or Jeff for approval. We also at a minimum write minimum limits of 50/100 for auto insurance to attract higher quality business. Ultimately it is up to each agent to field underwrite each piece of business.  Having profitable business with each carrier will make the agency more attractive to other prospective carriers in the future if we decide obtain another appointment. For the agent the greater mix of competitively priced carriers the greater chance of winning each piece of business you quote.

    How Your Business Breakdown Should Look

    25% Centers of Influence

    Friends, family, people you do business with, etc.

    25% Agency Generated

    These are leads we will provide from our efforts.

    25% Facebook Generated

    We will assign you a territory that you can find and join different Facebook groups.

    You will follow the scripts provided to generate leads for your assigned territory.

    25% Referrals

    A sign that your clients like and see value in their business relationship with you is by the amount of people they refer over to you. Referrals are the business leads source because somebody else is selling you. For each referral that starts a policy we send a $10 gift card to Amazon by email to the person that referred your new client.

    Great Job Today Future Superstar!


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